Monday, 30 April 2012

{ Spring'12 in Korea } #04

Ever since I came back from Korea, life has been pretty much occupied with work and some very simple dinners w the close ones. :)) To be honest, I'm still quite missing the days in Seoul... Sigh. I'm only left with  pieces of memories here and there. T-T Definitely gonna make a trip back in another season, hopefully in Autumn/Winter.

Here's the part four of my Korea trip!

We went to Changdeokgung Palace on the 4th day of our trip ^^ which is only a few minutes walk from DOO's Guesthouse. When I was planning the itinerary, I was thinking of going to Gyeongbokgung Palace instead as it was the main and largest palace of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty. But unfortunately, it closes every Tuesday :( Our itinerary was quite packed, so we went ahead to Changdeokgung Palace. Well, we still had a very fun time exploring the palace ground! The place is so freaking beautiful with all the spring trees and flowers! Ahh... which part of Korea isn't?! Hahahha..

 Guess what?? We bumped into kids on school trip - AGAINNNN. Gimme a gun please?

 Artistic photo by bro! Hahha.. can you see what it is??

 He insisted that's poo drain...

 I actually believed bro when he told me this pot was for the officials to spit into during a ceremony... #bimbomomentoflife

 I almost died laughing when Joanne commented on this picture: "No sadako la."
We spent like the whole morning exploring the palace even tho it isn't exactly huge. Hahah.. there's actually a Secret Garden tour too. But we decided to skip that (a little regrets tho.. cos when we peeked from the entrance of the Secret Garden, it looked so dang beautifullll) and moved on to Ewha Women's University :D

Edae is quite famous for the cheap shopping thrills around the university. As recommended by one of my colleagues, I found my way to the street of shops. The clothes there are REALLY reasonably priced (not VERY cheap, but still cheaper than else where). But then again, after you walked awhile, you'll realized that most shops sell almost the same stuffs. Lol

 As I've mentioned in my earlier post, there are freaking steep slopes everywhere in Korea. This one is quite a killer.. but the picture doesn't do much justice.

 Spot Ewha Women's University right at the background! :D

That's all for that day~ Gotta turn in soon.. Will be meeting Huiwei and Fionne to BOOMSHAKALAKA tomorrow! Hahhahaha...

Love, mwdee


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