Thursday, 26 April 2012

{ Spring'12 in Korea } #03

So, on the third day of our trip, we went to Everland, taking bus 5002 from Gangnam Stn [subway line #2, exit #10]. The bus stop is located in a walking distance. Just keep walking straight and cross a small junction. It's pretty obvious which stop is Everland as there'll be a lot of people alighting. Hahaha..

To our greatest dismay, THERE WERE TONS OF KIDS when we arrived at the shutter bus station to Everland. It was Monday... so WHY ARE THERE SO MANY KIDSSS? WAEEE? WAEEEE?

The first ride we took was the pirate ship! Hahaha, everyone were screaming like crazy even tho it's not scary.

LOL. Bro forever looking at the swirling screen of the DSRL...

A very happy me with some yummy delicious stuff in my mouth!! Heeeheee

Shall not be selfish and share this awesome icecream balls with yall! :D LOVE THEM TO BITSSS, LITERALLY.

Look at the wooden roller coaster at the background! IT'S THE BEST RIDE I'VE EVER SAT!!! AND the only ride that makes me scream from the start all the way to the end. Hahaha..

Can you see what's so special about this sheep??

It has a pinky heart at the end of the body! SO FREAKING CUTE OKAYY.

OMGWAAAA. Look at that cutie pie in the background! Hahhahaha yes, I purposely took this picture cos of that lil boy.

This is the Liger! :D

These bears are dang smart. They can do all kinds of tricks! But really pity all the animals locked up in the area :((

After all the fun at the theme park, we were both starving like crazyy.. And I've been looking forward to eat at SE7EN's chicken restaurant since the start of this trip! :D Because, well, IT'S CHICKEN!!! Hahahha, and of course, to support the YG artists! ;D We went to the branch at Gangnam! So convenient isn't it? Haha.. So it's a MUST GO if you've just enjoyed your day at Everland and return to Gangnam.

The rolled rice with seaweed IS DA BESTTTTT!

So many YG artists (and some other celebrities too) pictures around the shop for you to drool over. And of course, BIG BANG songs playing while you're enjoying the meal. How awesomeeee.
Love, mwdee


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