Tuesday, 19 August 2014

{ Winter'13 in Korea } Haneul Park

As usual, this space has been neglected for a while. When 2014 just began, I had already expected a hectic life ahead, with the juggling of both my full time job and classes in the night. And well, it turned out to be even more challenging. Many of my friends/relatives asked how did I even manage to handle it. “Isn’t it so tiring?” Well, my answer has been consistent - because designing has been what I always wanted. Although there has been crazy amount of last minute assignment to rush every other month end, I still enjoy doing it. To be honest, for the first few modules, it was pretty boring and I felt constrained. But now that we’ve moved into the major modules, there has been so much fun exploring into different ideas and concept.

Part of me didn’t want the studying period to come to an end but the other part of me is quite drained out and can’t wait to venture into the design  field – tho it’s quite scary to think of it.

Oh, and of cos, the long back dated Korea post continues below. Heh.. I think this blog is serving more of a memory of my travelling journey.

We went to Haneul Park (하늘공원) on one of the morning in Seoul. I remember there was a pretty bad haze which hit Korea during my stay there. Fortunately, the place is still pretty much like those pictures I saw on internet when I was searching on places to go in Korea. It was worth the climb up the hill (yes yes, I know.. we certainly did hell lots of climbing in Korea!) to witness the sight of the endless tall grassland.  

From the top view, you can see how bad the haze was in the city. But I'm still loving the colors of autumn trees from the distance.

We met up with Joel's cousin/friend who had a had time thinking where to bring us around since I've already went to quite a few of the tourist highlights. Haha... Nevertheless, we still managed to just chill and explore around the city. It was getting close to Christmas, so the town area were decorated with pretty Christmas lights.

Ending off with Joel who spent a bomb on this machine everytime we walked past it...

Love, mwdee

Friday, 3 January 2014

{ Winter'13 in Korea } Bukhansan hike

It felt that it was not too long ago since I last blogged about welcoming 2013. Time is definitely passing by faster and faster... But I'm really glad 2013 had been such a good year. In fact, I think it's one of the best year I ever had in my life. Being able to truly appreciate what really matters most and also meeting so many nice new friends (be it through work, friends, travelling or just random chances). I couldn't have asked for more. :) 2014 started off with my first day of school in FMDS pursuing my dream which I once lost. Definitely looking forward to the whole new year ahead!

Just few weeks back, I'm actually packed off to Korea - once again - at the very last minute. I had to literally dump everything into my luggage and brace myself to experience travelling with Joel (my ex trainee/colleague from RH). Initially, I thought I actually have to entrust myself in the hands of his since, well, he's Korean and I should be safe in his hometown, isn't it? Hahah.. but turns out he's pretty much like a foreigner in Korea! Haha.. Eh, okay, at least he's a pretty good translator. And also thanks to him, my third trip to Korea was a whole new experience - nothing touristy, but more of what the local do and also meeting lots of wonderful friends too! ^^

Too many talented singers everywhere in Korea..

Random cafe hopping and turns out to be one of the cafe which one of the WGM couple visited..

(With Jiawan and Angel) Just us in our Myeongdong outfits hiking Bukhansan  :P All the Ajjushis were probably scolding us for being such a bimbo. Haha.. but there were a few of them who were really nice to give us a pushing hand, literally. 

Lesson learnt when hiking, prepare lots of water and food. Especially chocolates T_T

Finally at the peak. ^^ The view makes the whole 8 hours of hiking worthwhile.

Will be posting more of the trip bit by bit :)

Love, mwdee


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