Tuesday, 24 April 2012

{ Spring'12 in Korea } #01

I'm back in home sweet home!!! But the flight from Korea to Singapore was the most horrible ride ever. I puked throughout the flight (and to make matter worse, I've transit flights. Damnit). Even up till now, after a good sleep in my cozy bed, I'm still feeling quite terrible. Hadn't been eating a proper meal for more than 24 hours. :((

Many people told us that a 10 days trip in Seoul is too long, but I'd definitely disagree! There are way too many places to explore and going with different groups of people sure makes a different to the whole trip. Oh, and of course, going on different seasons will also makes a big difference! Spring in Korea is beyond awesome. The temperature is (most of the time) quite chilly (I guess people from tropical countries would love it). Cherry blossoms start to bloom around mid April, making the whole city looks so pretty in pink!

Actually, a whole lots of things happened back in Korea... some of which I'm only telling to my close friends and the rest shall remain as an untold history.

So enough of my conclusion and proceed to part #01 of the trip~ ^^

Bro and I took Cathay Pacific airline to Seoul (transit in Hong Kong) and when we touched down, it was so foggy, we couldn't see anything beyond 10 meters? So scary actually.. Anyway, since I did the itinerary of this trip, my bro pretty much depends on me and that stack of documents in my hand. Hahhah.. we kinda waited in the airport till around 6+ AM (we arrived around 5AM) before heading outside to look for the counter to purchase the airport limousine bus ticket to the city.

 The ticket cost 10,000 won per person and it'll stop at different location (so you've to buy the ticket which has the closest route to your lodging area).

 The bus ride took about an hour and when we looked out of the window, it's still as foggy as ever. Hahha.. seriously can't see a shit behind those trees. Feels like we're in the movie "The Mist" (which has the lamest ending!).

 Look what I found in the magazine on the bus?! Hhahhahaha BIGBANGGGG (and Yoo Ah In on the left page). But wait, I'M NOT THE CRAZY FAN WHO TORE THAT PAGE OUT OKAY. Lol. Someone else did it before I had the chance to. Well, at least TOP's image is still intact. Hahha..

 Both of us were FREEZING when we alighted the bus. Every time a car zoomed past us, both of us stopped in the track and shivered. Hahhahah

And in this freezing morning, we had to drag our noisy luggage along the quiet street and look for our guesthouse. Thanks to the forgetful me, I didn't save the directions which DOO'S Guesthouse provided me. So we ended up walking into Bukchon Hanok Village (which is very very veryyy pretty with all the traditional houses). Bro was nagging non stop at me for being a smartass.. until I decided to search for free WIFI (in the traditional houses!! HAHHAHA) and taaadaaa~ I managed to find the email from Doo's. ^^

After checking into the guesthouse, we wasted no more time to make our way down to Hangang Yeouido Park [ Yeouinaru stn, subway line #5, exit #3 ] for the Cherry Blossoms festival.

Eh, but to our surprise... The festival was postponed because the flowers were not fully bloomed yet. So the park was rather empty except for few tourists like us. Hahaha.. I guess it's a good thing - at least without having to squeeze through the crowd for a good pic! ;D

We then went to Hongdae to get bro's spec fixed. (The guy working there is FREAKING cute tho he looks more like a Japanese than Korean. Hahha.. and it only takes less than 15 minutes to get a specs made?! Wtf. Singapore optical shops needs to adapt to such efficiency!) Since it was a Saturday, I made the plans to go to the Hongdae Flea Market nearby :)) Directions provided here.

The above picture is the Hongdae Flea market! :D Where all the students set up stalls to sell their handicrafts. Feel like whacking myself because I was too sick to have a proper look at their items :(( Went back to the guesthouse empty handed. Sighhh.

Shall continue the rest in the next entry... My headache is killing me T-T

Love, mwdee


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