Wednesday, 25 April 2012

{ Spring'12 in Korea } #02

As mentioned in my previous entry, both my bro and I were dead tired on the first day of our arrival in Seoul. So we returned to our guesthouse by the sunset and slept till night time before heading out for some shopping!

This is a really beautiful restaurant along the street of our guesthouse! :)) But every time we walked past it, we always see the same people sitting at the table. LOL everyday, without fail

Studying the map when we arrived at Dongdaemun stn.

Bro has shaky hands...

I didn't really shop much as the style there are REALLY Korean. Hahha and it's pretty much all spring-y outfit (wools, knitted, etc.) Most of the shops sell the same stuffs :( So I only bought a handful of chiffon blouses and the trench coat as worn above. Oh yeah, and Korean shoe sizes run small. The big foot me has no shoes to shop for :(

After a long night shopping, we decided to go back to the guesthouse... andddd that's when we got cheated by the bloody cab driver of our 50,000 won (SGD$50+?!). OMGGG. So angry even thinking about it now. The ride was less than 10 minutes and the meter clearly showed the fare as 4900 won (just that there's a freaking 0 below the total amount, which we really don't know whats that suppose to mean) and the cab driver insisted that it was 49,000 won. WTF.

When we got back to the guesthouse, we asked the staff and was informed that no matter how far you go, as long as you're in the Seoul town district, your cab fare NEVER exceed 20,000 won. Also, AVOID ALL COLORS OF CAB EXCEPT FOR THE WHITE ONE. WHITE CABS ARE THE SAFEST. Please don't get ripped off like us :( Sighhh.

The following day, we went to the Nonsan Strawberry festival, which is a few hours ride away from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal [subway line #3 to Express bus terminal stn].

The festival field was quite a distance away from the bus terminal at Nonsan.. Bro and I almost got lost but this really kind old uncle lead us the way! The people living in Nonsan seems so much nicer than those at Seoul :/

The weather was so bloody hot at Nonsan tho. But people are still wearing thick jackets there @_@

If you think Strawberry festival is all about strawberries..... then you're WRONNGGGG. Hahhaha.. They throw in all kinds of nonsense stuffs. Even animals. LOL

The main focus of this picture is actually NOT the couple.. but the HUGE dog at the back. LOL. Everyone's so amazed by the size of it!

After we've enough of the strawberry festival, we head back to the bus terminal at Nonsan. And... guess what?!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'VE NO TICKETS BACK TO SEOULLLL. T-T We forgot to buy the return ticket and ended up with nothing because all the tickets were sold out due to the festive period. Omg... I almost cried on the spot. Nonsan town is pretty boring so I'm definitely NOT willing to stay there for a day. Luckily, we managed to grab a later bus ride back to Seoul but we had to wait for like 3 hours there. I'm quite surprised my brother didn't strangle me to death on that day. Hahha...

By the time we reached back in Seoul, it was already night time. So we decided to go some restaurant near our guesthouse for dinner. I wanted to find out where the famous SamChangDong street is, but couldn't manage to find it :( and bro was making a fuss over the long and tiring day... so... we just randomly pick a Japanese Bento restaurant. Well, it turned out to be a right choice because the food is GOOOOD. ^^ The waiters/bosses are very nice too!

Heeehheeee~ Ending off with a picture of my loots from the strawberry festival! ;D

Next entry is on Everland! WOOOHHOOOO!

Love, mwdee


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