Saturday, 20 April 2013

{ Spring'13 in Korea } day one x two

It has only been like 2 weeks since I came back from my second Korea trip but it seems like forever already :( Really missing the place so much! Big sigh to the cold weather, yummy food, and eye candies. You're missed, dearly. Hahah.. Anyway, this time I went to Korea - yes, free&easy again - with my granny, Joan and Hui Wei (well, sort of...She was only with us for 3 days or so).

The flight was at 2pm but I only started packing my luggage at about 11am and I was suppose to leave home at like 12noon? HAHAH.. Super last minute, I must admit. Well.. luckily I didn't really left out anything important. :P The flight was, fortunately, bearable this time round.. unlike last year which I puked like there's no tomorrow. Well, the difference between Cathay and SQ. Okay. Or rather, just the pilot.

We touched down about 11pm plus and rushed like crazy to catch the train, fearing we might miss the last one. I was reminded right then of how scarily longgg the walkways of the subways are in Korea. It's like Dhobyghaut x 5. Just imagine!! We eventually gave up towards the end of the trip and took the cabs around instead. Hhaha.. hey! At least we did try taking the subways quite a few times okay?

Finding our way to Studio 41st, our guesthouse, was not much of a problem (except for the distance) all thanks to the friendly passerby we met along the way. :) First was this young Korean couple who just came up to us and asked if we need help. So heartwarming especially when we were all freezing in the cold night (it was near 0 degrees!). When we were almost reaching the guesthouse (but still lost somehow cos of the darkness), another group of youngster approached us and asked if we need help! Hahah.. and to our surprise, they were Singaporeans too! That's when the funniest thing happened. Granny actually turned to Joan and told her, "This Uncle is going to help us!" - while pointing to the guy who's probably even younger than I am! Lollll.

We ended the night with midnight delivery of grilled chicken - which is the BESTTTT grilled chicken everrr! So so yummy I can drool just thinking of it now T-T Do they ship overseas??? Hahah..

And so, the next day we had our first breakfast at this cute little cafe nearby the guesthouse before setting off to the beautiful Nami Island! :)

Hahah.. granny stole my beanie!

That's my house! :D Hahaha cos... oh wells, almosttt the same pronouncing as my Chinese name.

The beginning of granny's subway nightmare... LOL She dreads taking the subway cos of the long travelling time.

Sighh. Hui Wei look so prettyzzz but this girl keeps complaining all her pictures are ugly. SERIOUSLY?! Who are you kidding?

Must post picture cos Joan insisted it was plastic bags when it really was ice from the winter season. WHERE'S MY FREE LUNCH FOR THIS BET? Hahaha..


The only picture which Hui Wei claims she looks good. zzzzzz

Another free-lunch-worthy shot. LOL yes.. that's ice you're seeing - when it was suppose to be spring already!! T-T So freezing cold during our trip as I was super under dressed for the weather. I'm shivering like crazy most of the time so this explains why the pictures of this trip aren't a lot compared to the trip last year :(

Traditional way of making red bean bun. I don't eat red bean but this is really yummy!

HAHHAHAH granny's natural grumpy face which she puts on 90% of the time.

Can you guess what's this?? :D It's kimchi rice in (super) hot metal lunch box! You have to wear the rubber glove and shake the lunch box well!

Nami Island basically needs one whole morning + afternoon of your day. We wanted to go Petite France which is nearby but didn't have the time (and energy) so we gave it a miss. There's a tour bus at Gapyeong Station to bring you to all the tourist spots around the area and it's only 5,000 won. :)) Train ride from Hongdae (Seoul) to Gapyeong Station takes about 1 hour.

We visited Running Man HaHa's BBQ restaurant for dinner that very night. Omgg... I will never trust instructions given on the internet any more!!! It took us almost an hour just to find this freaking place!!! And much to our disappointment, the food isn't very fantastic :(

After the meal, we took a short walk around Hongdae for some shopping and grabbed yummy yogurt from Dunkin Donuts back. Hui Wei was holding the yogurt and keep urging me to eat "before it melts". That was when something struck me and I replied her, "How's it gonna melt in this freezing weather???" #coldweatherisjustsoawesome Hahahahha.. And the greedy girl even suggested to order delivery for jjajiangmian. Well, no objects from me since I'd definitely wanna try my favorite noodle of all times! :P The Korean version is definitely very different.. but still equally shiok. Heheeh.

More next time! ;D

Love, mwdee


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