Saturday, 19 May 2012

{ Spring'12 in Korea } #06

Hope you're not sick of seeing my pictures in Seoul already :p Hahaha.. As mentioned, I'm gonna blog about Nami Island, which we visited during our stay in Seoul. The island is a few hours bus ride from the city and we booked the ticket with the help of the friendly staff at Doo's Guesthouse :) When the staff told me to give him a 4 digi password for booking the bus ticket, I immediately thought of the most easy one "0408" (my birthday). And guess what? The staff actually grinned cheekily to my brother and I and asked, "Is that the date you two get together?" I swear the colours on my face turned all white as I hurriedly corrected him that we're siblings. Seriouslyyyyyyyyyy... People needs to stop thinking that a guy + a girl going overseas alone are couples. AGHHH. I've lost count on how many times the people in Korea thought my brother was my boyfriend.

The main reason why I wanna come to this island. Beautiful beyond words, isn't it? ;))

I drank Green Tea Latte almost everyday in Korea. Hhahahaha...

Whenever I saw I chicken (be it dead or alive) in Korea, I just feel damn hungry. LOL That was how desperate for chicken during my stay there T-T

Potential kdrama poster? :D

If I'm not wrong, by stacking up those stones, you can change for a better luck or something :)

Love, mwdee


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